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Our laboratory has its own study of modeling and an automatic cutting...

... and a specialized staff in packaging who follows with care every single garment, from sporty to elegant dress, from classic to the most innovative and eccentric taking care of every single particular in sewing, finishing, edging, adhesivation.. Following this, a thorough quality control is garanteed.

Thanks to all this, CAPEMODA can proudly ensure total quality brand  MADE IN ITALY.

The most representative production is specially coats, jackets, suits, skirts, pants, and jersey dresses performed with professional skills so as to give to the product high level of tailoring. Modeling, sampling, cutting, board, production and shipment are services that the laboratory can offer both emerging and established designers brands, national and foreign.

In addition, the professional ability of our staff and the meticulous attention for the production process gives the garment a right combination of quality and price .

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